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How To Install Whatsapp In Laptop

                               HOW TO INSTALL WATSAPP IN LAPTOP

How To Install Whatsapp In Laptop

How To Install Whatsapp In Laptop: Whatsapp is the most famous messaging application right now in the smartphone world with nearly 1 billion active users worldwide.

Almost every OS has Whatsapp application in their store like iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian. Whatsapp reduced the usage of regular SMS among people.

The best thing about Whatsapp is it not only allows you to convey the messages but also it allows you to share images, videos, files, etc. You don’t have to worry about the message delivery like in the Normal SMS.

Whatsapp will deliver your messages instantly if the opponent has Active data or WiFi. With regular updates, it’s getting better and better, read the New Hide Last Seen update here.

Good News is we can use Whatsapp Messenger application now even in our PC or Laptop. It will be very useful when we have issues with our smartphone.So in this article, we are going see How to install and use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop with step by step instructions.

Step 1:

Download Thin BlueStacks App Player
To use Whatsapp in PC or Laptop, you need to Install an Android Emulator called as BlueStacks App Player.

There are Two Versions of BlueStacks App players, Normal BlueStacks App player and Thin BlueStacks App player. There are many people facing issues while installing Normal BlueStacks App player So I Suggest you to Download and Install Thin BlueStacks App player.

Step 2:

Install Thin BlueStacks App Player
While Installing make sure the Installation Drive has more than 2 GB free Space otherwise, you will be getting an error . If you get any Graphics or drivers related warning message ignore it and select OK.

After installation, you will be getting screen like below, and now Select ‘ Messaging ‘ Icon and select Whatsapp

Step 3:

Download Whatsapp on PC
Click Whatsapp Icon to start downloading Whatsapp in PC.
Now wait until  Download completes

Step 4:

Installing Whatsapp on PC
After downloading you will see INSTALLED status below Whatsapp and now Click Whatsapp icon to open the Whatsapp Messenger app

Step 5:

Configuring Whatsapp in PC
As soon as you open the Whats in PC you will see the screen like below Click “Agree and Continue”

As soon as you enter your Mobile number Whatsapp will send you a verification code to confirm that you are the legitimate owner of this Mobile number, Enter your verification code to continue further.

In some cases it may take a long time to receive the verification code in that case you use Call function to know your verification code

You may think Whatsapp in PC is not a very good idea but it will be very useful when you face any sudden issues with your smartphone.

How to use WhatsApp on laptop without phone:

Here we explain how you can use the WhatsApp app on your laptop or personal computer without having a phone.


Go to the Emulator website
Go to Andy Android Emulator’s website and click on Download and then click on the downloaded file to install the emulator.


Instructions and permissions
Follow the download instructions that come up on screen and provide the necessary and required permissions to the emulator.


Search the required app
Once the Andy emulator is installed, double click on the icon to open it and search for ‘WhatsApp’ in the search box at the top.


Install the app
Click on the Install button and wait for the app to be installed. You can then run WhatsApp and enter you phone number.


Authenticating the app

Run WhatsApp on your laptop or PC and authenticate using the OTP. Later enter your name as well.

How to use watsapp on laptop/pc without QR code:

If you want to send messages or files urgently through the computer, without wasting time in the process of logging in by having to scan the QR, what you have to do is download WhatsApp Web, the desktop application, available for Windows and Mac, and that will allow you to use WhatsApp whenever you want without .

How to use watsapp in laptop- windows 10:

Before all the messaging fun can begin, you of course have to download WhatsApp from the Microsoft Store.
1. Launch the Store from your home screen or from All apps. ...
2. Tap the search button on the top right of the screen. ...
3. Type WhatsApp in the field.
4. Tap WhatsApp in the search results.
5.Tap Install.
6. Once downloaded, tap open.

Watsapp web login:

WhatsApp Web is an official online client that lets users get their WhatsApp account via any computer browser (for example, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). But like WhatsApp, you don't need to register for WhatsApp again with Email ID. All you need to do is just scan a QR code.

Why watsapp is not installing in my laptop?

Solution : – Make sure that you're using 64-bit version of Windows. Windows 10 users reported that they are unable to install WhatsApp on their Windows 10 PC. ... WhatsApp only supports 64-bit versions of Windows 10, and if you want to use it on your PC, you need to have 64-bit version installed.

CONCLUSION:There are multiple ways to use WhatsApp on PC or a Mac - each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Android emulators like “BlueStacks” or “Andy” create an Android-like environment for your PC allowing you to run apps like WhatsApp without a phone.

If you use WhatsApp to communicate for work, this will make your job easier as you can type faster, share files and images faster.

You can respond and reach to your customers easily and can provide them all the support they need.

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